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How to find work/life balance when working in the hospitality industry


Hospitality is a fast-paced industry where no two days are the same. Kind of like Las Vegas, the hospitality industry doesn’t sleep, as there’s always another party or function that requires chefs, wait staff, bartenders and other staff alike to make the event a success. Food preparation is not something you can do in five minutes either, most delicacies are time-consuming works of art, crafted through creative planning, patience and persistence. Hospitality is a labour of love.

Hospitality may be your passion, whether as a chef, kitchenhand, wait staff or food and beverage personnel, however, the hours are long and sometimes relentless. So, how can you work in your dream job and still maintain balance with your life and family outside of the commercial kitchen? This is an industry that is 24/7- every single day of the year. You may find that your home schedule differs greatly from the rest of your family and social circle. They may be home for dinner each night, while you’re leaving to start work. It’s often hard to cross paths and connect when your timetables are polar opposites.

Calibre Workforce offer experienced and talented hospitality staff the opportunity to work to a schedule that suits them and their lifestyles. Are you new to the industry, recently qualified, and looking to maintain a vibrant social life? Are you a parent with a relatively young family, and wanting to spend as much time at school concerts and sporting competitions as possible? Are you approaching the end of your career and wanting something more flexible as you near retirement? If so, Calibre Workforce is exactly what you’re looking for.

Calibre Workforce staff have both flexibility and freedom, which is key to enjoying life outside of the workplace. We pay our employees above the award rate as casual employees (more money!). By not binding yourself to the one job/kitchen, you can also experience more variety in the industry and you’ve always got the option of saying you’re unavailable if the kids are getting an award at the school assembly, or you’re going out with friends to see your favourite band in concert. Calibre Workforce staff who are interested in more permanent positions are also supported in this search to find the right fit between them and the business they would like to work for. There’s nothing worse than the excitement of finding a new job, only to start and realise the workplace isn’t what you were looking for. We can help prevent that.

If you work in the hospitality industry and you’re looking for more work/life balance, contact Calibre Workforce today on 0448 726 326. We can place you in jobs that will be fulfilling, both professionally and financially- meaning you will have time for work AND play!

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