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Working for Calibre Workforce for the past 12 month’s under the management of Jason and Billy has been career opening. The work is always exciting and keeps you on your toes, ensuring we set the highest standard. I would highly recommend working for Jason and the fantastic company he represents.

Having never registered with a Labour Hire company before, and whilst seeking full time employment but with restricted availability, I was pleasantly surprised! From my initial application I received a phone call the following day to arrange an interview. All the staff and personal at Calibre Workforce were professional, polite and joy to meet. End result- 3 days later I started working full time with great conditions, above award wages, and the hours that suited me. Couldn’t be more happier!

After deciding to change the direction of my career, but not really sure of what I was looking, I decided to approach Calibre Workforce to get some hours and keep some money rolling in. What I found was a seamless, online registration process. Added to that, Calibre Workforce utilises real-time, up-to-date scheduling software that is easily accessed via an App on my phone. They couldn’t make it any easier! I’m now working the hours and days I want, and always in quality venues, allowing me a greater work life balance.

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